My yoga journey began in 2002 when I started to feel the negative repercussions of my 30 years of running. I had always loved running and been active as an adult. For me, pushing myself physically was a way to feel accomplished and find my self worth. I completed marathons and triathlons while spending the time in between at the gym to cross train. I was constantly on the lookout for greater physical and mental fitness. Scheduling around my work and family obligations, I squeezed in time to “knock myself out” with strenuous workouts whenever possible. I craved the mental and physical challenges to release energy, push myself to the limit, and reach new heights. While searching for a way to heal my body from the years of over use I stumbled upon and fell in love with Bikram yoga.


I attended my first Bikram yoga class to stretch out and give therapy to my sore muscles and back pain.  I immediately became hooked. I had never before experienced a total body workout that gave me so much energy and such a complete sense of wellbeing.  I became convinced this style of yoga was the key to superior health and wellness.  For six years I practiced Bikram yoga in conjunction with running and other activities. I quickly realized that yoga was helping my running, biking and swimming activities. An unanticipated but important bonus was how much this yoga was helping my sleep, moods, blood pressure, stress level, cholesterol levels, and countless other things I couldn’t see or feel.

Through all my trials and tribulations, yoga has always been a source of solace for me.


Yoga has been my refuge from whatever storm was brewing. It gave me shelter from the stresses of life while helping acknowledge my own happiness and gratitude. During the 90-minute sessions, the lessons I learned on the yoga mat helped me to develop focus, concentration, and determination. I began to apply these disciplines to both inside and outside the yoga room. I sill needed to ‘knock myself out’, but in a different way. There is no room for ego and competition while in the hot room. For me, it was more about seeing myself in the mirror and accepting the person looking back at me.

I knew I had to be become a teacher so I could then share with others the healing benefits of Bikram's 26 and 2 yoga series. As a teacher, I strive to bring others to the realization that they can heal their bodies, mind, and spirit, as well as feel accomplished, healthy, balanced, controlled, gracious, loving, and selfless. I have immersed myself in learning and teaching since attending Bikram’s teacher training in 2008. There is nothing I would rather do than teach yoga. I love how people always leave class with a smile, even though they might not have walked in the door with one 90 minutes earlier. I rejoice when they come back day after day because they come to know how good they will feel after class. I am humbled by and in awe of the countless number of people I’ve met and the stories of healing they have shared with me. I have seen the transformative power of yoga improve practitioner’s physical and emotional health.

 I want to share my love of yoga with you. This space is here for you!


My goal is to bring the healing of yoga to anyone who wants to be apart of its community. I hope you find Purely Hot Yoga to be a friendly and supportive place. I hope you discover the healing, sense of peace and well being that so many others have found through this practice.

 Every day is part of a journey and I could not have come this far without the unwavering love and support of my family, Matt and Haley,  my inspiring fellow teachers, and all the amazing students I have met along the way. I always knew variety is the spice of life and that is why we have added Inferno Hot Pilates, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga to our schedule. I can tell you first hand that practicing all of these disciplines has strengthened by overall yoga practice and I feel stronger, more balanced and constantly inspired and motivated by all of our teachers and students.


When you arrive at Purely Hot Yoga, expect to be greeted by my shadow and constant companion, Sparky. He will always deliver a smile followed by a wagging tail

I hope you find the resolve to walk through the door no matter how you are feeling. Because after 60 or 90 minutes on your mat, my wish is that you leave with a smile and a sense of well being, then come back tomorrow.

 Leave your fears behind, and come have some fun at Purely Hot Yoga. I can’t wait to meet you!


Love and Peace