We offer one month of unlimited classes for just $40 exclusively for First Time students. Try any and all our classes your first month, Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and
Inferno Hot Pilates!



  • Unlimited classes for 30 consecutive days from the date of first class attended.
  • All classes are beginner based.
  • We offer 90 minute Original hot 26 & 2 Classes, 60 Minute express classes, Yin Yoga, Hot Pilates Classes and Warm Vinyasa Flow
  • This offer is not transferable and no other discounts apply.


I have been practicing here for over a year now and I have no complaints. I love all the little community events this studio sponsors, like 60-Day challenges or karma yoga classes. I think it's a great way to hone in ones yoga practice. It also promotes this little family-like atmosphere. It is great to meet new people who enjoy practicing yoga.



Our goal for every class is to offer everyone attending a peaceful, quiet and respectful atmosphere to learn and practice Bikram Yoga. In order to accomplish this we ask that all those attending adhere to our yoga etiquette during class. 


The front row helps to lead the class so if you put your mat there we ask that you set an example for those around you. We need the most focused and disciplined students up the front so if you have an injury or you are not feeling 100% please move back to the second or third row.


Please do not talk in the yoga room during or after class. Stay focused during class and rest peacefully after in savasana.


If required, the best time to drink water is between sets of postures. Avoid drinking water during the first three postures as you are working on warming up your body and cold water slows down this process. Bring in enough water so you will not feel compelled to leave the room for more water.


Please bring only mat, towel and water into the yoga room. We provide cubbies and secure storage. CLASS STARTS ON TIME Please respect your teacher and fellow yogis by being on time. Late comers will not be admitted.


Wear light fitted clothing, something you can sweat and stretch in.


It’s your body's way of cooling down so allow it to happen. Try not to wipe the sweat as it reduces your natural cooling. In the beginning, you will find it hard to hold on in certain postures because of the sweat. Just keep practicing and over time you will improve. This is how the yoga helps our entire body from the fingertips to the toes.


Stay in the room as it helps your body get used to the heat. Leaving the room is disruptive to other students. Take as many breaks as you need to by holding still out of the posture, or sit down, pace yourself for the 90 minute class. If you must leave please just let the teacher know you are okay by making eye contact and then quietly leave/enter between postures. Staying in the room is the best way for your body to get used to the heat and, thereby, get the full benefits. Bring enough water into the room to avoid leaving the room for more water!


Remember to slow down and breathe in and out through your nose, it lowers your heart rate and calms your nervous system. Focus on breathing…and nothing and no one can steal your peace.


    I absolutely love this studio... It is clean, welcoming and well maintained.
    They offer showers with complimentary shampoo, conditioner and body wash - which is wonderful if you are heading to work or off to something else. What I love the most, is the sense of community that Julie the owner has created.  She is warm, gracious and always glad to see you.  In fact, all of the instructors seem that way and attend classes and give you a great smile and know you by name. 

    They offer convenience accounts, where you can pre-load funds to buy water etc...

    Best bikram studio in Sac for sure.



  • The Bikram Monster is what my friends call me nowadays.  I've tried Bikram back in March and thought to myself it would only be just one month.  Boy was I wrong, after the month ended I sign up for the one year contract.    I am committed and this will be a long term relationship.  Bikram has changed my life in many ways that I cannot explain.  My posture has gotten a lot better and I feel amazing.  


  • The minute I walked into this place I knew there was something special about it. The facility is very clean and beautiful and has this wonderful energy about it. Being a very new student, the staff has been AMAZING with me. This is not an easy practice for someone of my fitness level, but I feel so welcomed there. It is truly a blessing to have found this place. The workout is brutal for me, but I find myself wanting to go back again and again. Really nothing like it.     ~Beth



    I recommend Purely Hot Yoga to everyone I know-- their full schedule makes it easy for even the busiest yogis to attend on a regular basis, and Julie and her instructors are so friendly and supportive.



  • Purely Hot Yoga one of the best HOT yoga studios in Sacramento!  It has a cool funky atmosphere, but still maintains a warm and cozy environment. My favorite part is how clean it is! I feel it is essential and crucial to have a clean studio, because you will be sweating with 50 other people, plus walking barefoot around the studio. I am also in LOVE with the fun and friendly staff/teachers. Everyone who works there tries their best to remember names and they are all very helpful along with being knowledgeable.


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