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I attended my first Bikram yoga class to stretch out and give therapy to my sore muscles and back pain. I immediately became hooked. I had never before experienced a total body workout that gave me so much energy and such a complete sense of wellbeing. I became convinced this style of yoga was the key to superior health and wellness. An unanticipated but important bonus was how much this yoga was helping my sleep, moods, blood pressure, stress level, cholesterol levels, and countless other things I couldn’t see or feel.

Through all my trials and tribulations, yoga has always been a source of solace for me.My goal is to bring the healing of yoga to anyone who wants to be apart of its community. I hope you find Purely Hot Yoga to be a friendly and supportive place. I hope you discover the healing, sense of peace and well being that so many others have found through this practice.

I have practicing Bikram Yoga for five years and have been teaching it for over two years. I always try to bring lightness and humor to my life. Humor is often the best medicine, so i even bring some of this lightness into my classes. To be able teach and learn from my students has been so rewarding and fulfilling. When I'm not in the hot room, you can find me busy with my hair business as an independent hairstylist.
Kerith started practicing Bikram yoga on Oahu in 2001. After years of sports injuries and denying surgery she chose an alternative approach to well being. Instantly feeling the therapeutic benefits of the practice through one's own actualization of the breath, body and mind connection, she decided to share this method with the world. Since teacher training in 2006 Kerith has continued to follow her passion traveling and teaching. With gratitude and Aloha she assists others on their personal journey of health and happiness.
Hello, I'm Mel and I've been teaching, practicing, living, and breathing yoga since nursing school, since 2006. My background and passion is health and empowering people to move their bodies to optimize their mind, body, and soul. I believe in the power of positive and mindful movement, and that everyone has a right inherit this in their daily life. I'm a certified Bikram instructor of eight years, and have taught power yoga, forrest yoga, and hot pilates. I continue to learn and gain knowledge in health care and mindful movement everyday; and I love being able to integrate the two and share this with my students.
Guillermo was born and raised in Mexico City, speaks two languages, earned a degree in Communication and worked as a professional musician in the Mexican rock scene. He moved to Northern California in 2006, began practicing yoga intensively and finally found his calling to become a Bikram yoga teacher in 2011. After almost 10 years of using essential oils to support his health and enhance his yoga practice, Guillermo saw the opportunity to build a network marketing career with Young Living Essential Oils to compliment his yoga career. He is now a Wellness Educator and speaker for Young Living Essential Oils in the Sacramento area. Music is still a major part of his life and is currently the lead guitar player for Northern California’s ultimate Cure tribute band, ‘Just Like Heaven’ and plays frequently in local Sacramento and Bay Area venues. Guillermo has the mission to foster and share wellness, purpose and abundance through yoga, essential oils and music.
My name is Melissa. I found my yoga practice in 2009, and 6 months later decided to go to yoga training. I received my Bikram Yoga certification in 2010, and I my yin yoga certification in 2015. I am also currently enrolled in the College of Ayurveda, which is the sister science of yoga. I look forward to continuing to grow with my practice, studying the knowledge behind yoga and ayurveda, and sharing this knowledge along the way.
Erin took her first Bikram yoga class in 2008 in Stockton, and soon after moved to Bangkok, Thailand where she continued her practice and became a teacher a year later. Erin has traveled the world teaching yoga, from Colombia, Morocco to Mexico, and recently became certified in Buti yoga, a mix of tribal dance with asana. She believes yoga is a lifetime practice and appreciates its challenges and breakthroughs. Erin's passion is creative expression through movement and painting, offering healing and empowerment for women through retreats, art classes, and her paintings. She also teaches her Art Alchemy classes once a month locally, and is the official rose artist for University Park World Peace Rose Garden in Stockton.
Professionally, a pediatric speech therapist, Tany decided to enroll in her first Bikram yoga class in 2007 to reduce stress and anxiety. After a few classes, Tany began to notice the increased mental focus, improved physical strength, and spiritual growth. This motivated Tany to complete her 200 hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training, with a goal to deepen her knowledge and truly embody the lifestyle. Having practiced yoga for almost ten years has inspired Tany to be the enthusiastic, positive and zestful person she has become today. She is excited to share with you her healing practice and passion for Bikram Yoga.
I started practicing Bikram Yoga in Tucson, Az in 2007 after a friends' recommendation.  After walking out of my first class three times I knew this yoga was for me. I enjoyed the challenge and how I felt after the class had ended. I went to teacher training in 2012 and have been teaching and learning ever since, what a great journey this has been for me.
Beginning my yoga journey in 2003, I was hooked from the first classed I took; the intensity, the connection, the sweat, I loved the challenge and the states of bliss.  I became a teacher in the fall of 2006, and have continued to be in awe of the amazing magic and the many layers of yoga on and off the mat! I feel so blessed and grateful to be able to lead and share with people on life's path!
I took by first Bikram yoga class in 2003 on the recommendation of an old teammate and what I remember most was how much I hated it - I even made a deal with myself that if I finished the class I never had to go back. I had been an athlete and was now an overweight, overstressed, depressed law student. The day after the first class, something inside me said to go back and I have - for the past 13 years. Over that time, almost everything about my life has changed - physically, mentally, emotionally. Bikram yoga is so simple - all I have to do is show up and try with whatever body and mind I bring in the room and the series takes care of the rest, keeping me healthy and ready to take on the rest of my busy life. I went to Bikram's teacher training in 2012 because I wanted to share this amazing tool with others and teaching is my happiest place on earth. Watching students struggle, succeed, and find power they didn't know they had is so inspiring!
Many years ago, I turned to yoga for relief from horrible back pain. Over the years the benefits of practicing have enriched my life way beyond physical healing. As a busy mother of three boys, I take any chance I can get to be in the yoga room. Being in this room always feels like a safe space to ground myself and come out a better version of who I am. It is my deep belief that we as humans need to carve out time to care for ourselves so that we can better care for those we love. Teaching yoga is something I feel so blessed to be able to do!
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